Ohio Health Insurance Options

You have more insurance options for your health than you think, Ohio.

For many Ohioans, affordable medical coverage is a major concern.  

Don’t worry, get the facts and save.

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Benefits Beyond Expectations

Discover Medicare Supplement Plans from UnitedHealthcare and AARP®

With an AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, insured by UnitedHealthcare, you get important supplemental coverage that helps pay some of the costs Medicare doesn’t pay. Click on the image to learn more about enrollment options available to Ohio customers, and call us at (419) 304-8871 if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

What is My Advocate?

We work closely with UnitedHealthcare® to help members apply for Medicare Savings Programs
(MSPs), Extra Help (sometimes called Low Income Subsidy or LIS) and many other community
assistance programs.

What can My Advocate do?

On behalf of UnitedHealthcare, My Advocate connects members with money-saving programs,
discounts and services available in their community, all at no additional cost to the member.


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